Mechanization is the product of a heavy metal project that began in mid 2003. The goal of the experiment was to answer a philosophical question that haunted its two principal members since their first encounter nearly two years prior: would it be possible to create a legitimate heavy metal album without having to deal with the personalities and talent limitations of metal musicians? The simple answer is—absolutely!

As the band’s names implies, Mechanization is the result of replacing the labor of human musicians through more efficient technological means. Yes, it is true… Mechanization leverages human-played drums without a human drummer! How is this possible? The drum tracks featured in Mechanization's songs are the product of acoustically recording drum hits from industry leading heavy metal drummers and manually sequencing the recordings one drum hit at a time. Much like tracking every possible key sound from a piano and then reprogramming an arrangement of keystrokes, Mechanization achieved their dream—to obtain acoustically correct drum tracks with the ability to control every drum stroke… all without dealing with musicians.

Guitarist HMT and production mastermind/vocalist Terrorence teamed up to prove that a professionally self-written, recorded, and produced album was entirely possible when releasing Mechanization's debut album "Holon" in late 2007. The concept album was an experiment in different metal styles as the band worked to determine the identity for future projects. After hours of playback and listener feedback, Mechanization knew their future would be in death metal.

In 2011, Mechanization released their second full-length album “Kenosis” which blasts to the heart of all that is Mechanization. When asked for a description of the sound of Kenosis, Terrorence answered, "take the heaviest riffs, drumming, and especially vocals on Holon, and consider them training wheels. Kenosis is the future of Mechanization.”

After a few years of career travels, Terrorence was finally able to commit the time needed to produce another Mechanization project. In late 2015, the band completed their third full-length album “Solipsism”—an epic fictitious tale about oppression and one community’s struggle for freedom.

Without hesitation, the band immediately returned to the studio to etch another entry into the book of heavy metal history. In just nine months, Mechanization completed their fourth and latest full-length album “Mortem In Aeternum”. As the name suggests, the album is both deadly and flippant in its brutality. Get your copy at: